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Sam Campbell

'Following a career in the creative arts was a natural progression for me having grown up in a creative family, drawing, designing, making and observing things around me. This upbringing has been intrinsic in my development as a visual artist / graphic designer / photographer / filmmaker. Experimenting with different areas of the creative arts has had a marked impact on my work and it is this experimenting that I try for each project to embrace and attempt to create something new to me.


I have a passion for things of minute detail yet clarity of aesthetic which I suppose is reflected in my work. Engaging with new things inspires my creativity, whether this be a book, a photograph, a film, a place or a person. The endless possibilties of peoples creativity will always inspire me to continue creating. My ideal job would be to work in a variety of areas of the creative arts and not be limited to just graphic design, there are just not enough hours in the day. This selection of work has been produced while studying on the BA(Hons) Graphic Design course at Salford University and also on placement at design agency Studio-Output during August 2006.'


Inspiration - Seeing, hearing and learning new things inspires my creativity this could be from a film, a photograph, a book, visiting new places, life, basically.

To name just one person in the field of graphic design who I admire would be impossible, but Stefan Sagmeister, Paul Farrington of Studio Tonne and Mark Farrow are people who I feel push the boundaries and produce inspiring and original work.

Something I aspire to is being able to continue creating work within an environment where creativity and personal expression is encouraged.