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Daniele De Batté

Name and location?
Daniele De Batte, Genova - Italy

Mac or PC?

What do you do to relax?
I watch “Lost” on TV, listen to my favourite music.

Which living designer/artist do you most and admire, and why?
Actually there are several artists, one of them is Stefan Sagmeister (because he creates very powerful projects using illustration, typography and photography, always being very ironic, provocative and outside the

What would you consider your ideal project?
I'd like to take a “sabbatical year” just being
involved in my exparimental projects.

What do you consider you greatest achievement?
Besides several international pubblications
on graphic books and magazines, my best works which are collected in a sketch- book.


Tell us about this piece of work, how would you describe it?

This piece is a collection of self-
published posters to promote my work.

Is this piece of work commissioned or experimental?
Definitely experimental.

Talk us through some of the processes involved in producing the work, and have you used similar techniques before?
In this kind of experimental approach I never know what will be the result while the pen glides on the sheet. It's simply spontaneous.Then I scanned the drawnings and re-elaborated them on my pc. I wanted to create a collection of images to use for different applications.The conlusion was the creation of promotional posters and give them to friends or clients.

What have you learnt during producing this piece of work?
The process I use when I work for a client is completely different; I'd say that the formula is: idea + application = illustration. While In this case it was: ? + ? = illustration. I've had the opportunity to be totally free and, sometimes, this can be the biggest bound to get through.


How would you best describe your style?
Harsh, rough, poetic, furry, soft, hard, black and white.