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Julia Fineder

You’ve never heard of Julia Fineder?

No wonder, as she has never won any famous Design Awards yet, nor even had an exhibition. However, it is worth while to have a look at her work!

Julia Fineder is a 28 year old graphic designer from Vienna, Austria, who offers a wide range of creative work such as webdesign, advertising, illustration and painting.

How it all began: Already as a child Julia wrote and drew numerous comics, created her first photo projects and made together with her sisters and brothers paper clothes for her father (which funnily enough he never wore!).

Her education at the Graphic Design Art School in Vienna opened new ways for Julia’s creative energy, she developed her drawing technique and gained comprehensive knowledge in advertising-design and print-media. After graduation she worked in various advertising and multi-media agencies, where she started to appreciate screen design.


The digital world creates of course many advantages, but undergoes rapid changes. As much as Julia appreciates this spontaneity, she still likes working with traditional printing methods. “It is a wonderful feeling to have a finished product in your hands”.

And what influences Julia?
Apart from her own emotions and every-day-experiences she is mainly inspired by music. Songs and lyrics always influenced her to draw illustrations. “I used to paint covers for all my own music cassettes, some of them very elaborate indeed”. In the meantime it is CDs and DVDs which she designs, with the same dedication: Julia uses pencil sketches, photographs, oil paintings and chalk drawings – whatever suits best. All this she does with music in the background and with her reliable G5 and digicam.


Since 2004 (when Julia’s son was born) she is working as a freelancer. Although she is very busy, she has enough time for free projects like T-shirt design, sculptures and oil painting. “People always find it interesting to look for the hidden characters in my work”. And sometimes she even manages to go to her beloved concerts.

What will Julia’s future be like?
Although it is not her philosophy to make any concrete plans, nor to be absolutely perfect, she is a fast and passionate worker, very reliable and full of ideas. Maybe you will soon read that Julia Fineder has got one of those famous Design Awards!