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Raphaël Vincenzi

My name is Raphaël and i am a self taught illustrator, living in Brussels Belgium.

I mainly work with illustrator, trying to make attractive illustrations that come from the depths of my mind.

I hope to keep doing the work i am doing for a very long time.


What country/area do you live in?

I am living in Belgium, in Brussels.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by everything around me, either a book I have read, a song I've listened to, a walk in town always fill me up with new impressions and moods.


How do you relax and unwind?

I have troubles doing just that but going out for a walk usually helps me to start afresh.

What single possession could you not live without?

I'd say the computer because it's my working tool.
And at the same time, I know that I could do without because it's only that, a tool.

What, if anything are you reading at the moment?

I've finished recently the "sociopath nextdoor" by Martha Stout and started the latest novel by Brett Easton Ellis "Lunar park".

Who inspires you? who do you admire?

Just to name a few I love the works of THS, Anthony Micallef, Stephane Manel and plenty of others.
I am also very fond of modern art artists such as the Chapman brothers or Ron Mueck.


I am always reading something, but I read less and less novel and more and more books about our world as it is.

Do you have a preferred medium?

I suppose the visual arts are pretty important to me but I am not fond of advertising in general.

What is your political stance?

I don't think politics will ever change the face of the world toward a better tomorrow.
It's well explained why it can't be, in the Ponerology book by Andrew M. Lobaczewski.
It's time for everyone to take charge of ourselves without a paternalistic attitude from our government (it could be said the same about any gurus, organized religions or political leaders).