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Linda Zacks

Name and location?
Linda Zacks� /� Brooklyn,� New York
Mac or PC?

What do you do to relax?
Take a bath like a giant human teabag, play boingy ball, Long walks with boyfriend and dog, zebedee, doodle with crayons and rubber stamps, have a goopy drink or a chocolate ball, take Polaroid’s, laugh uncontrollably, talk to mom!

Which living designer/artist do you most and admire, and why?
Yikes hmmm...don’t admire anyone most, but many different people a lot… does that make sense? Sue Coe, Ralph Steadman, Edward Fella, um, anyone that gets my juices juicing, my eyeballs and brain zigzagging.

What would you consider your ideal project?
Having free reign on a challenging, meaningful concept that needs to be visualized into a potent gem. Vomiting something out fast and


stream-of-consciousness-like, raw and imperfect, like a newborn baby covered in goo, but screaming with Life.

What do you consider you greatest achievement?
Surviving New York City (so far)

Tell us about this piece of work, how would you describe it?
View this piece of work here
I was approached by PLANET� magazine to contribute to their honours portfolio page where an artist creates his/her vision of EARTH. The only guideline was that it incorporated the shape of a circle some way.

Is this piece of work commissioned or experimental?

Talk us through some of the processes involved in producing the work, and have you used similar techniques before?
I was so excited when I got this assignment- I knew I wanted the piece to be loud, almost overflowing from the edges of a circle...lots


of words, movement, overlapping sounds, messy... I knew I wanted a collagey feel- paper, tape, cardboard, ink splats-feeling touched by a million hands and a million fingers; I wanted it to feel like it was exploding with Life...� YES!� I use these techniques all the time.

What have you learnt during producing this piece of work?
Paper cuts suck///

How would you best describe your style?
Fizzy lifting drink for the eyeballs... zip, zing, verve, fire, grit, sparkle, *bang**

Thanks for being a part of expose. Anything else you’d like to add?
Your site is greaT ** ///� thanks for asking me to be a pArt of it!