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The first issue has been a great success! Streetgraphic has really taken off since the launch in September and we are really pleased to have been flooded with e-mails, images and articles from designers around the world. Streetgraphic is already a giant snowball, collecting a tremendous database full of designers, ideas, subjects, visuals and debate. That’s not the only reason issue number two is called “Catch me if you can…”

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Catch me if you can

"Catch me if you can." The hit film 'Catch Me If You Can,' an intelligent youngster successfully masquerades as a teacher, doctor and co-pilot amongst other things, despite not even being old enough to graduate from school. Is the future of web design and freelance work really in the hands of this “Catch me if you can” era? We talk to Jack Smith, a budding entrepreneur… and he is how old?

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Factory fodder

Thanks to the amazing success of streetgraphic we are currently developing the sister site of streetgraphic which will profile and exhibit up and coming groups or individuals who are interested in the moving image and interactive short stories. The site will be much more than a showcase of talent and hopes to encourage collaboration between writers, animators, film-makers and illustrators.

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Student focus

Here are three students who have already left their mark in the graphic design/multimedia industry. We take a look at Jonathon Ball, a student at Coleg Gwent in South Wales who gives us an introduction to his surreal design world and his inspiration. We also interview Luke Whittaker, a very successful post-graduate who has won many awards for "A break in the road" and has been a role model for current students studying multimedia. Finally we have an insight to Terje Svinning, recent graduate and "Best Design" award winner for his magazine developed for Contemporary art students at "The Guardian Media Awards 2004."

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