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The first issue has been a great success! Streetgraphic has really taken off since the launch in September and we are really pleased to have been flooded with e-mails, images and articles from designers around the world.

Well, here it issue number two: Catch me if you can. It has been an exciting and hectic few months preparing for this issue. We took a trip to London to interview some students for this months ‘student focus’, and have recruited three new team members to help bring the second issue together.


This month's special feature is called: "Catch me if you can." The hit film 'Catch Me If You Can' starred Leonardo DiCaprio as an intelligent youngster who managed to successfully masquerade as a teacher, doctor and co-pilot amongst other things, despite not even being old enough to graduate from school. We interview Jack Smith, the webs very own DiCaprio who is a budding entrepreneur with an impressive portfolio of work with companies from around the world, and he is only 15!!

A big thank to our new recruits Steve Melrose, Paul Smith and Alan Porter have been working hard to make this issue happen. Steve who has re-built the site with


new features that include a design forum which will is already enhancing the Streetgraphic community and provided a place for debate in several forums.

Also in this issue we look at Factory fodder, to be launched in April 05 as Streetgraphic’s sister site. Factory fodder will again a magazine community but based upon animation and illustrated short stories. We are currently looking to recruit a team of students to take over the editorial of this site, anybody interested in getting involved should e-mail in with their details.


I would like to say a big thank you to all the Streetgraphic team for their efforts in launching this issue and making the site a success, and to all the contributions we have received.

Joe Turner