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Jack Smith web designer

'Jack Smith has a very strong work ethic, great communication skills, incredible talent, an enthusiastic attitude, and has showed a real desire to give us exactly what we wanted, while at the same time adding his personal touch and approved ideas to our project. It is not often that you come across such brilliance, not only as an extreme artist, but also as a great human being.'
Allen Brooks Media One Concepts



When a web enquiry from Jack arrived at the Streetgraphic offices, our team was intrigued. Lucid and intelligent, with excellent reviews from clients around the world, we had to find out more about this guy…. what his background - successful London based St Martin's graduate maybe??

Well, Jack Smith turned out to be a highly intelligent freelance graphic designer, working from his home in Kent. With highly developed flash skills, he has been building up his portfolio and receiving excellent reviews. He started out by signing up to www.creativemoonlighers.com where he put in bids for some projects and put together proposal documents. Soon after, a company contacted him and it all snowballed from there.



Jack is fifteen years old and is currently studying for his GCSEs at a secondary school in the South of England. Surprised? I was.

He is one of hundreds of kids from around the world that are under 18, and working freelance for international design companies. These real world "Catch Me If You Can" kids are finding that the web provides the ideal medium for producing, marketing and distributing work without their age being a restricting factor. Jack is a young entrepreneur who is making decisions that he knows will shape his career



path and building up a portfolio of work that is comparable to that of a talented multimedia university student.

Jobs in the industry are few and far between, but the future looks bright for Jack and his contemporaries. If you can boast the intellect, talent, business sense and "nouse" at 15, you can sleep safe knowing that you're already well ahead of the game.

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