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Student focus

This issue we take will focus on three students who have already left their mark in the graphic/multimedia industry. We take a look at Jonathon Ball, who is currently studying at Coleg College in South Wales and gives us an introduction to his surreal design world and his inspiration. We also interview Luke Whittaker, post-graduate who has won many awards for "A break in the road" and has been a role model for current students studying in multimedia. Finally we talk to Terje Svinning, recent graduate and "Best Design" award winner for his magazine developed for Contemporary art students at "The Guardian Media Awards 2004."


Jon Ball

Extraordinary characters? Absorbing environments? Defined as, “poke, a verb: to push prod or lever with the end of finger”? What on earth is Pokedesign? We take a look at Jonathan Ball, student at Coleg College, South Wales and freelance illustrator, web site maker and identity designer.

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Luke Whittaker

Luke Whittaker, recent graduate from Bournemouth University has won many awards for his work including “A break in the road” and has become an inspiration for current students studying in digital animation and graphic design. Read more about his success in this interview.

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Terje Svinning

Graduate student Terje Svinning who recently won the best design category at The Guardian Media Awards 2004 last week gives us insight to his wonderful unique art work, “’Symphonic Form of Matter’

"The material used consists of matter that is in itself undifferentiated and formless. The matter consists of the particles gathered as dust after the natural decomposition of the domestic space and the human bodies existing within it. Once discarded it has lost all value, aesthetics and beauty. Taking the matter through a developed symphonic process, it is subjected to change and developments, thus giving it a more ambiguous form to become substance. It has regained aesthetical value as it once had in its original state."