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Experimental Students

Students from the University of Huddersfield’s BA (Hons) Interactive Media course change hats and explore creativity. The Interactive media course at the University of Huddersfield is well known for producing students with good project management and programming skills, however this bunch of talented individuals are now trying there hand at the creative stuff. We explore and review the best of a second year project in experimental webdesign. Click on the images or the links to view the movies. If you haven’t already got flash or director player, click the download link. If you would like your University or College work reviewed contact:


Ryan Michael

Subculture survival, originated by Ryan Michael combines creative & technical skill to design this shockwave movie based around the theme of culture. The movie consists of a town built of sub cultures and demonstrates good graphic and software ability. Ryans says, ‘My idea was to have a stereotypical look into different sub-cultures and how people perceive others. Taking a look at cultures such as punks, goths, skates and look at how each of them live their life.


Glen Davis

Glen uses Freehand and Flash to create this interesting and entertaining animation based on illusion. Glen says, ‘I conducted research into the topic of illusion looking at magic and tricks, but found my work looking a bit static. So I decided to animate some traditional optical illusions’.


William Ferriman

Emotion is the theme for two pieces of work created by Will Ferriman. Firstly Will defines emotion and later goes on to create an interactive piece which explores colour theory and body language used as part of emotion. ‘Nice stuff Will, shame about the typo on the first page, but we all have a couple of them at some stage.’