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First Issue

Martin Hearne, John Kelly and John O'Connor have contributed to the City in flux section. Here you can read a description of their work on the subject and see a sample image from their collections. Click on the image to view a pop-up gallery of the rest of the images.


City In Flux

Extract from Culture of Cities Project: "Major cities are in a continuous state of flux caused by building and rebuilding activities and flows of artefacts, goods, commodities, and people, which dissolve and recreate different areas as sites of activity and use. Cities are characterised by tensions between this destruction and reconstruction of spaces, the coexistence of heterogeneous groups, and the different claims upon spaces which they advance and contest. The fusion between the physical form of the city and its social composition promises to help us understand how the question of the city's identity and differences can become a topic of interest for the groups of persons who inhabit its spaces and who calculate ways and means of practically dealing with these changes."

city in flux contributions

Graphic Archeology

John Kelly, editor of streetgraphic, explores the notion of 'graphic archaeology': "For many years I have had a fascination with old signage, complete or fragmented. It first became an interest in the early eighties when I discovered an old Lyons tea sign from the local tip. This created a fascination I still hold with past signage and how it signifies a bygone era, and evokes a sense of history, of people and events though time. I have used photography to document old signage and areas where the signage resides, which in their heyday were thriving communities but are now 'down at heel', populated with taxi ranks and kebab houses. The signage evokes feelings of loss and decay, and is a witness to history and a society in flux. Quite often the signage is similar to a palimpsest, where the original writing and purpose has been effaced to make room for a second purpose." If you would like to contribute to this section of the site please email us using the "Contact Us" section.

graphic archaeology article

Experimental Students

Students from the University of Huddersfield's BA(Hons) Interactive Media course change hats and explore creativity. The Interactive Media course at the University is well known for producing students with good project management and programming skills, however, this bunch of talented individuals are now trying their hands at the creative stuff. We explore and review the best submissions for a second year project in experimental web design. If you would like your University or College work reviewed, email us via the "Contact Us" section.

experimental students' work