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I can't tell you how excited I am to be involved in re-launching Streetgraphic! Almost two years after our last issue we are back in full swing with a brand new site, a new editorial team and plans in place, which I am sure, will prove to make for an interesting year.

I think it's fair to say that Streetgraphic has matured quite considerably since it's last issue, we have a new professional tool for managing and editing content, a larger, more globalised team of contributors and most importantly a stronger sense of identity and purpose.


Once upon a time in Oz

In the early Eighties, Australia was regarded as design graveyard for the Brits. With designers returning home and finding it difficult to find work. Since the Aussies hosted the Olympics in many graduates and professional designers are taking the leap to Oz.

We wondered if there was any difference in quality between the Brit import and home-grown stuff. The feedback is frank, honest and with some colourful language!


Ronin spirits

Rob Chiu is a UK based graphic designer specialising in motion direction and design for print. He is a regular contributor to national publications such as Grafik, Computer Arts, Digit and .net and has been a visiting speaker at several international conferences such as Toca-me, BD4D and Digial Arts World.

In may 2000 Rob founded 'The Ronin' as a design studio for motion and print and has since developed a reputation for being a leading expert in motion graphics, with his unique style becoming widely recognised internationally.


Big in Barcelona

Few would disagree the value of work placement for design students, but do all work placements deliver the experience necessary to help you climb up the design ladder.

Streetgraphic talks to Duncan Campell a student at the University of Huddersfield studying VR and Animation who is currently on placement in Barcelona working for www.enreposo.com.