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The Bridge


In a small area of Longroyd bridge there is a series of derelict shops which were originally built in the 1700’s. They have been empty for about twenty five years but still posses many clues to there last purpose. After photographically documenting the area. I managed to interview a resident of the area, who lived in the area in the 50’s. He remembers the row of shops especially the ‘chippie’ and the hairdressers. The hairdresser was well known for his Friday night, ‘Penny parting’. The area was home to the tram depot, and the penny parting was the locals solutions to keeping your hair in place on a Friday night as the tram swept passed. It consisted of a hand full of ‘Brylcream’ and a parting down the middle of your head. Graphic archeology is not just limited to faded typography on walls. Everyday records of our life’s are erased daily. Quite often the signage is similar to a palimpsest where the original writing and purpose has been effaced to make room for a second purpose.

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